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If you want your condom to work, you've got to use it correctly. Luckily, it's really easy as long as you follow the necessary steps for proper condom use. Anal and vaginal intercourse: The best condoms to use are lubricated latex Put on the condom after the penis is erect and before it touches any part of a.

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By Voodoolabar - 12:34
Learning how to put on a condom may remind you of health class, but we all After unrolling the condom, as you're about to place it on the penis or dildo, use a latex-friendly lube if you need extra moisture (just don't use an.
By Moogumuro - 01:38
But if you use a condom incorrectly, it could result in a number of problems: An when a condom's not sufficiently lubricated, this could mean erectile trouble. Leaving a condom on until your penis loses its erection is.
By Moogukasa - 11:24
Lube or “lubricant” is a water-based, slippery liquid that can be used to help If a condom is not already lubricated, or if it starts to dry out during sex, it can rub against you or your partner's vagina, anus or penis and cause discomfort or pain.
By Tujin - 10:11
A condom is a thin cover worn on the penis during intercourse. If condoms are used correctly every time intercourse occurs, the risk of pregnancy is around 3 out of every (Lubricated condoms may reduce this problem.).
By Takasa - 08:10
If you use a condom every time you put a penis inside someone, you've Even if the condom is lubricated, you might want to add a little extra.

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