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It's normal for guys to have mucous-like. It doesn't usually happen, but every now and then when I experience a really intense orgasm, I release a clear, nearly odorless liquid, there is a.

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By Akinoshicage - 15:03
What is the difference between cervical fluid, arousal fluid, and vaginal discharge​? (2 to 5 mL) daily of white or clear, mostly odorless, mucus-like discharge. may experience leakage of urine during vaginal penetration or orgasm (4). like itching; Consistency: Fluid becomes way thinner, or thicker and.
By Bajas - 21:05
What you describe—clear, odorless fluid released when the "right spot deep inside" is stimulated—is classic "female ejaculation." The fluid.
By Dagor - 14:49
Looks like. If you notice an unusual odor or color, or if you have pain, visit a doctor. Normally, vaginal discharge is clear or milky white.
By Vujinn - 08:43
I have never received a good explanation of exactly what this liquid is reports of female ejaculation as abundant or scanty, clear or cloudy, etc.
By Gogul - 09:21
Ejaculation. Penile discharge is not urine, but a watery or thickened fluid that sometimes comes out of the penis. This fluid is usually clear to whitish and can vary in amount. Cum is released when guys orgasm (ejaculate).

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